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These safe and simple-to-use Aluminum Alloy Sling Shot are great toys for children young and old. Each slingshot is crafted from Aluminum Alloy. This Slingshot Crossbow work perfectly with the pebbles, colored balls, etc, giving your child the a fantastic opportunity to practice hand eye coordination. These slingshots are ready for fun with your family.



  • Portable size, easily fit into your pocket.
  • Aluminum alloy material, anti-rust and wear resistant.
  • High quality rubber band, high elastic, tough and durable.
  • Great for outdoor entertainment.
  • Use rocks, marbles, paintballs, etc to shoot.


Product Type: Aluminum Alloy Slingshot.

Type: Bow

Dimension: Arch door is 78mm.

Dimension: Bow door is 60mm.

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SKU: 205368 - Camouflage

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